Mine a single ore to break the full vein of the same ore!
Veinminer is a common feature in various modpacks or survival pvp game modes like UHC to speed up breaking whole veins.
Now you can use this feature as a DataPack too!
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V1 - Commands & Permissions

• Pickaxe Limitations
Limit or grant the veinmine effect for certain pickaxes.

/function veinminer:settings/pickaxe

Permission ⇒
• General Settings
Change some general settings to balance veinminer like cooldown, saturation and more.

/function veinminer:settings/general

Permission ⇒

V2 - Commands & Permissions

• Edit Block List
Add or remove blocks from the veinminer list. Vanilla ores are added by default.

/veinminer blocks <add/remove> <block>
<add/remove> ⇒
Add or remove the selection
<block> ⇒
The block id. Varies between versions

Permission ⇒
• Toggle Veinminer
Completly disable or enable the veinminer effect. This will not reset settings.

/veinminer toggle

Permission ⇒
• General Settings
Change settings like cooldown, max chained blocks, animation delay or if the correct tool is needed.

/veinminer settings <setting> <value>

Permission ⇒
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