Why is some content Premium only?
We provide some content that only works with ongoing server costs and maintenance. In server costs we currently come up with about 191€/y + 13€/y for domains.
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Q: How does Premium work?

▪ All offers are lifetime and no subscriptions and grant access to all content.
▪ MUtils Premium unlocks every project, you don't have to buy something for each project.

▪ When you log in the first time (More ▾Log In), an account is created with a unique key.
This is your password to log in ingame and only works on your Minecraft account!
▪ If your account has a server slot left, the server will automatically connect to your account

⇒ Click here for a log in guide

Q: What content do i unlock?

We constantly expand all project features, free and for Premium users. To see a full list for each tier, look into the shop!
• MChallenge
In MChallenge Premium unlocks a bunch of fun and complex challenges and more!

▪ Over 60 Challenges with ~2 new Challenges per month.
▪ Play new Challenges 2 weeks earlier then everyone else!
▪ Download addons directly ingame without restarting the server!
▪ Upload own addons and get highlighted in our addons list.
• MTimer
In MTimer Premium unlocks mostly focus on features requiring an account like content sharing.

▪ Access the design library ingame and use designs from other users with a single click.
▪ Like or dislike other designs for a better ranking.
▪ Upload your own designs to share them with the world!

Content libraries are currently in testing to avoid abuse and will be released later.
• Map Tools
Map Tools saves you tons of hours creating new Minecraft maps and buildings. Access even more tools with Premium!

▪ Create smooth entity & block animations with the animator tool! Works with only datapacks
▪ Create fany nametags known from various servers. Generates a resource pack
▪ Resize your surrounding to any size! Works with block displays so keep the block amount in the ~500 area
• MLog (Service)
MLog provides less limits for project owners when using Premium!

▪ Add more projects to one guild at the same time.
▪ Higher bandwith limits. Just don't share your movies :)

Q: Can i get Premium for free?

Everyone likes free stuff, we too :)
Every once in a while or on events we make a giveaway on our Discord Server!

▪ If you already own Discord Nitro, we also give all our server boosters Premium. Perfect for trying out our projects!
⇒ We may remove this offer in the future if it's get overused

▪ All our ambitious translators receive free Premium! Requires crowdin account, read more about it here.
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